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HSCC in Atlanta, Georgia

Whew! We blew in Wed night, went straight into testing and to bed around midnight or 12:30. Back up to make the registration at 7:30, breakfast at 8, keynote at 8:30, and competition at 9:45. The team was cool, calm, and collected. Hours later, at 8, they were released.

Everyone thought they did well and we went to the Hard Rock Cafe to feed their bodies and let the mind roam a bit. Back to the hotel for rest.

HSCC 2023, Atlanta, Georgia

Back at it today by 7:30 for keynote, quiz and project presentation. A quick tour of the career fair, regroup for lunch, and finally today, the kids get to act like conference goers and attend sessions.

The plans for tomorrow include the full. Career fair, sessions, and we'll find out how we did in the competition during the gala that afternoon/evening.

HSCC 2023, Atlanta, Georgia

Join the High School Code Competition (HSCC) with the BDPA Milwaukee Chapter! Enrollment for the 2023-24 Session Coming Soon!

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