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In 2013, President Carmen Giles, of Millercoors  revitalized the BDPA Milwaukee organization into what it is today.  Carmen believed that technology should be accessible to a broad number of people in the community.  As president, Carmen brought technology training into communities that were not receiving equal exposure to the world of computers.


Under her leadership, the BDPA Milwaukee was transformed into an effective and sustainable organization. 


Following Carmen's charge, the BDPA Milwaukee continues grow the chapter by actively engaging business sponsors and community leaders who are interested in bringing equity to the technology sector. 

Carmen Giles passed away on November 29, 2016 but her legacy continues in each day an African American technology professional, student or community member finds fulfillment in the digital world of southeastern Wisconsin.     


Carmen's Favorite Quote: "Nothing great is every accomplished alone." ~ Nina Crawford (1906-1975)

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