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All candidates for office shall be a member through the National BDPA Office under the BDPA Milwaukee Chapter when nominated.



  • Candidates for office must be members of BDPA Milwaukee Chapter.

  • Nominations come from members of BDPA Milwaukee Chapter.

  • Nominees can only be considered for one office per election.


Nominating Process Sub-Section

  • Any member can present a nomination for any office prior to October 1st of the election year, however, nominations made after the October –November General Body Meeting must be submitted in writing to any member of the Executive Board.

  • If the nominated person declines to accept the nomination, it is the responsibility of the BDPA Milwaukee Executive Board to inform the general membership of the Milwaukee Chapter of BDPA.

  • The BDPA Milwaukee Executive Board will be accepting any nomination, in writing, of the name of the nominated person and the office for which they were nominated.

  • It is the responsibility of the BDPA Milwaukee Executive Board to verify with the Membership Department the membership of the member making the nomination and of the member being nominated.

Nomination Program Meeting

  •  Nomination and announcement of those members seeking elected office within BDPA Milwaukee will be officially placed during the October Program Meeting:

  •  The nominee's name will be announced by the member making the nomination.

  • The BDPA Executive Board will ask for challenges to the nomination.

  •  A challenge may be lodged by any member alleging: 1) Insufficient length of membership, or 2)  Non-Payment of Membership Due

    • The BDPA Executive Board will call for a second to the nomination. Any BDPA Milwaukee member may make a second.

    • The BDPA Executive Board will then permit a two-minute nomination speech. The nominating member or the member seconding the nomination may deliver the nomination speech.

    • The nomination process will continue as above until all nominations are complete for all BDPA offices to be filled.

  •  All candidates for offices within BDPA will be encouraged to address their candidacy to active members of BDPA.

  • Candidates are encouraged to refrain from assailing the qualities of other candidates.

  • Any unethical conduct on the part of any BDPA candidate in their electioneering efforts will be brought to the attention of the Manager of the Executive Board.


The BDPA Executive Board will:

  • Investigate any and all allegations and report to the Board of Directors of BDPA any confirmed unethical conduct on the part of any candidate for office or supporter of any candidate for office.

  • Confirm allegations of unethical conduct and determine if the unethical conduct merits the disqualification of the candidate.


Any disqualification action must be supported by a 3/4 majority of all members of the Board of Directors.

  • Electioneering efforts of all candidates will cease at the opening of the November BDPA Milwaukee Monthly Program Meeting except as supervised by the BDPA Executive Board.




  • Conducted and supervised by the Elections Committee.

  • Held at the November general meeting.


Election Process Sub-Section Election of Chapter Officers

 The biennial elections will take place during the regularly scheduled October-November General Body Meeting, unless otherwise directed by a 2/3 majority of the sitting Board of Directors, prior to October during the year of election. Terms of office will begin on January 1st.

The Election Process

 BDPA Milwaukee election will be held at the October-November General Body Meeting and no other activity shall be planned for this meeting date. Members of the BDPA Milwaukee Executive Board will supervise the election process. A member of the BDPA Milwaukee will maintain a physical head count of all members in good standing present by the BDPA MILWAUKEE CHAPTER BYLAWS.  Each candidate for office will be afforded five (5) minutes to make a final, verbal, appeal to all members in attendance in favor of their candidacy.


Voting Process

Once all candidates have addressed the gathered members the election will begin:

  •  Voting members receive a ballot (either Online/Written/Email) from the BDPA Milwaukee Executive Board.

  •  The voting members will return their completed ballots to the BDPA Milwaukee Executive Board immediately upon completion.

  •  All ballots will be secured.

  • The Manager of the Executive Board will announce a final call for ballots three (3) times and if no ballots are outstanding will officially close the election. The BDPA Milwaukee Executive Board will count the ballots, including absentee ballots, in full view and tally the results.

  • Prior to adjournment, the Executive Board Manager will announce the election results to the general membership.

  • All absentee ballots must be in the hands of the Executive Board prior to the November Monthly Program Meeting. All absentee ballots must have "BDPA Election Ballot" printed on the outside of the envelope with a return address identifying the submitting member. All absentee ballots must be mailed to the private residence of a selected member of the Executive Board. Ballots submitted to the BDPA Office Box or Chapter Office will be invalidated.

  • All submitted ballots will be placed in an envelope and sealed with tape and the signatures of each member of the Executive Board member. The Executive Board Manager will retain ballots until the conclusion of the next scheduled BDPA general election.

  • Should the Manager of the Executive Board resign or is for any other reason unable to serve, the ballots are to be placed in the custody of the Executive Committee for safekeeping.



Shall be in accordance with the requirements of Article IV.

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